The Black Spider

A mysterious villian who has been linked to the capture of Gundren Rockseeker.


Little is known about the Black Spider’s true identity, so far the party has managed to gather the following information:

1. The Black Spider most likely orchestrated the capture of Gundren Rockseeker. (Learned from a goblin in cragmaw cave)
2. The Black Spider is said to be a tall and dark skinned individual with red eyes. Based on this description it is most likely that he is a drow. (learned from interrogating Glasstaff)
3. The Black Spider previously worked with Glasstaff, requesting that he drive away adventurers from the small town of phandelver. In exchange for this, The Black Spider would share the location and spoils of the Wave Echo Cave with Glasstaff when it was discovered. (learned when interrogating Glasstaff.)
4. It is possible that the Black Spider summoned the skeletons within the redbrand hideout. He could be a mage of some kind.


The Black Spider

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